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The Wild at Heart Demo Now Playable During The Steam Game Festival

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Starting at 10 AM PST today (so, like, hours ago) you can download and play a demo of The Wild at Heart! The Steam Game Festival lasts until 10 AM next Monday and we’re very excited for the chance to put this game into your hands and eyeballs and ears at long last! Controller recommended, headphones required. Not really but just wait until you wrap your lobes around the fantastic work our composer Amos and sound designer Matt put into this.

In addition, throughout the week we Moonlight Kids will have a few activities that all are welcome to. Here’s the schedge:

  • Thursday 8pm EST: Livestream on Steam! Just go to the store page for the game (link below) and we’ll be near the top of the page playin’ and talkin’ until we wear out our welcome. Probably an hour or so.

  • Fan Art Contest: Just tag us with #thewildatheart and we’ll decide on Saturday. Also couldn’t hurt to boost your post with #screenshotsaturday as well! We’ll be mailing physical buttons from our latest PAX East venture to the winner. Alternatively, you can always just drop your submission into the “fan-art” channel of our Discord.

  • Feedback AMA (Discord) Monday 8pm EST: As the festival and access to the demo comes to a close, we’d love to hang out with y’all in our Discord and allow you to sound off on how you feel about the game! Did you love it? Got a question? Find another dumb ol’ bug? Let us know!

Here’s a bunch of links to all that stuff I just mentioned!

Want to really REALLY help us out? Wishlist the game on Steam! It’s free, only requires you to have a Steam account and click a button, and it really helps us get visibility within Steam’s algorithm.

Thank you everyone for playing, and we’ll see you in The Deep Woods!


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