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GDC '19 Wrap-Up

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

GDC this year was a smashing success! We started the week showing at ID@Xbox who treated us like royalty and allowed us a great experience talking to press all day. We can now also confirm that we will be releasing The Wild at Heart on Xbox One! We received pretty glowing first impressions from the likes of Variety, Kotaku, and we even got a Best of GDC '19 mention in Game Informer! Thanks to everyone who had nice things to say about the game or just came by to give it a whirl at Indie Megabooth; we are truly grateful! Here's some photos from the week:

ID@Xbox! It was a real pleasure to share the room with a bunch of really talented developers from all over the world. Just out of frame to the right, a resplendent buffet of sushi and skewers

Welcome to Indie Megabooth!

Our setup, including some extra headphone love thanks to our sound designer Matt

It's not often that we're all in the same place, and this was no exception! Although it's about as close as we've ever come - we're only missing Justin and Amos. Maybe PAX West will see us all together for once? (Left to right: Matt Morgan, sound design; Ankit Trivedi, engineer; Chris Sumsky, engineer & production; Alex Atkins, writer

Thanks GDC for an awesome con! We hope to see you again next year.


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