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The Wild At Heart nominated in two categories for the SXSW Gaming Awards

We're honored to announce that The Wild at Heart has been nominated for two awards at the SXSW Gaming Awards! Indie Game of the Year and Excellence in Animation, Art, & Visual Achievement! We're among amazing company with the other nominees and simply being considered makes our hearts more fluttery than a Faefly's wings. Voting is open over on SXSW Gaming Awards' voting page here (yes, this is a polite request for your votes!) until midnight on Tuesday, February 8th! Huge thanks to SXSW of course, but an extra large Bloat-Toad-sized thank you to our amazing players and supporters; we wouldn't be here without you.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that we're nominated for the Independent Games Festival Excellence in Visual Art Award and that we WON the Best Visual Artwork award at the NYX Game awards? Y'all are too kind.

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