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So Much News!

Why, hello there, friends! We've an absolute bevy of exciting news to share with you!

First and foremost: we got a publisher! The Wild at Heart is joining the "Presented by Humble Bundle" label! As longtime fans of Humble's catalog and their famous Bundles, we're excited as heck to work with such a great company and things so far have been an absolute delight; we couldn't be happier! Here's a link to their announcement.

Next up, we'll be showing at E3 this year at the Xbox Experience! We had a splendid time with Xbox at GDC a few months ago and we're sure this will be a similarly rollicking affair. If you're attending the convention, make sure to come say hello! E3 dates are Tuesday, June 11th to Thursday, June 13th; normal show floor hours.

Keen-eyed visitors of our website might've noticed that our Wild at Heart page got quite the facelift thanks to our own Justin Baldwin. Give it a glance if you haven't yet.

Last but certainly not least, our Discord server is now live! Come chat us up and get a bit of a peek at the people behind The Wild at Heart. We talk about all manner of things (fans of British TV, where you at?) so don't be shy!

We've got our heads down working diligently on the game and we hope to have more updates on progress soon, so be on the lookout for our next post in around a month's time!

That's all for now and as always, make sure to follow us on our various social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (YouTube channel coming soon!)


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