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It's finally time... TWIGLING PLUSHIES HAVE ARRIVED!!! You can pre-order yours now over at Makeship:

And remember, we need at least 200 orders to be fully funded, so don't sleep on it, and share with everyone you know!

A little bit more info about this cutie:

Meet the Twigling, a curious type of Spriteling imbued with floral magic of the Deep Woods. Born from the various plants and trees of the Woods, they have a keen ability to encourage growth in budding plants and maintain an immunity to nature-based toxins. Never the type to idle the day away, Twiglings have been observed to work much faster than other Spriteling species, even at the very same task.

Wanna help even more?? Aside from pre-ordering your own, you can boost our posts!

See you on the other side, plushies in hand!!


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