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Welp, it's December now. Yeesh, time goes by fast! Some cool news is that in October we were fortunate enough to be asked to show Wild with a smorgasbord of amazing games at Day of the Devs! We've made massive amounts of progress the past few months in preparation for the event. We can't quite get into -everything- but here is a run down of just a few of the things we've been working on:

Large carriables

Large carriable objects like boulders, treasures, and large resources can be carried by your spritelings as long as you have enough to bear the weight of the object.


Anyone that loves games like Pikmin knows you gotta have bridge building! Your little spriteling friends can collect bridge components from woodpiles in order to build new bridges, opening up new pathways to explore!


These buggers release toxic fumes that damage anything around them. They can also hop up high and slam down on their foes as well as excrete a sticky sludge that Spritelings, Wake, and Kirby can get slowed down by. However, Spritelings like the Budling are immune to toxins... interesting!


Peblings are now in the game! They are little rocky fellas that can destroy hard crystals that may block the path or encase needed items or currency. Fun fact: Peblings also are immune to sharp things like thorns and bee stings; sounds useful!

That's all we'll get into for now and will share more in future updates. We’d love to hear what you think or if there is anything you'd like to see in future updates. Hit us up on our social media.

Again, thank you to our supporters! Talking about and sharing the game really helps as we try to get the word out.



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