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A Message and Some News

We have an exciting announcement to get into today, but first a message from all of us here at Moonlight Kids.

We live in a world that has oppressed and disenfranchised Black communities for centuries - this can no longer continue. We are so proud of those who have not only spoken out but acted up in support of Black Lives Matter. All of us at Moonlight Kids are very passionate about this movement and stand in solidarity with those fighting systems of white supremacy. Equality and inclusivity are values we sew into the fabric of our work from day one, and actively contemplate each and every following day. Whatever your lane is, be it marching, protesting, donating, social distancing, voting, promoting Black voices, or calling your local lawmakers, we hope you are doing whatever you can for the cause.

If you’re looking for direct ways to help, here are just a handful of resources, funds and organizations where you can get involved:

We at Moonlight Kids support and have contributed to these sources and others, and urge those who are able to do the same. While our voice may not be very big, every voice matters, and we want to make sure we’re using our platforms to spread this message where we can.

The Steam Game Festival

We are happy to announce that The Wild at Heart will be participating in this summer's Steam Game Festival! The event begins tomorrow, Tuesday, June 16th, and for one whole week you can download and play a pre-Alpha demo of the game. While it feels a bit off to be promoting our own work right now, we truly hope folks can use this opportunity to enjoy some calm moments in the Deep Woods with a handful of Spriteling friends in tow. At its soul The Wild at Heart is a story of friendship, family, and unity, with a bunch of laughs along the way. We hope these things can do some good right now.

Check Steam for all the details and scheduling, or keep an eye on our store page and be ready right when the demo goes live. We will also be announcing a handful of virtual events to run alongside the festival, so follow us or join our Discord to stay informed on all the latest.

We thank you, we love you, and we hope you enjoy taking a look at The Wild at Heart. Keep up the fight, and be safe out there, friends!


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